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What our students have to say...

“When I started thinking of leaving the classroom and step into the instructional design world, I felt beat down by not landing any interviews. I reached out to Cassandre to help me revamp my resume. She only took a look and identified many mistakes. She gave me thorough feedback on each section of my resume to help me optimize my chances of landing an interview. She offered me tips and tricks on how to use key words related to the job description and how to highlight my transferable skills to an instructional design role.Guess what happened next? I LANDED MY FIRST INTERVIEW!   Keep an eye on this coach. She will blossom rapidly as the most effective coach and mentor. I highly recommend her!”

Jess Z

Former Graphic Designer- Instructional Designer
”Getting the right advice was important for me because the field of instructional design was completely unknown to me. Lucky for me, I was blessed with the opportunity to get to know Cassandre, who shared her knowledge of the field with me. Cassandre showed a thorough comprehension of the steps needed to become a successful instructional designer. What made her stand out from the rest of the coaches was her ability to simplify the learning process. I highly recommend her!
5 stars!!! ”

Ronnie J.

Former Teacher- eLearning Developer